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New Patients at Sprouting Life Chiropractic

When you book your appointment with Sprouting Life Chiropractic, we’ll send you a link to complete our new patient paperwork at home before you come in.IMG_0101

We will also give you the option to have your initial consultation over the phone. For children with sensory processing disorders, autism, ADHD, or other sensitive challenges, we want to make sure we have the time and focus to truly talk about the issues you are facing. Your kiddos don’t need to hear more about the challenges they have or diagnoses they’ve been given. They just need to know they are perfect, and loved, and supported. The phone consult provides a way for us to hear what is truly going on, without exposing your child to more embarrassment or upset.

We are happy to provide telephone consultations to talk about their health history and answer any of your questions.


When you enter our practice, we are genuinely happy and excited to greet you. We’ll take you on a tour of our beautiful office, then you’ll sit down with Dr. Lauren and go over your or your child’s health history and current concerns. She’ll dig deep to discover what kinds of stresses your child has experienced, and how early they went through them.
Then she’ll explain chiropractic care and why your child’s body is reacting the way it is. She’ll answer all of your questions and conduct INSiGHT® scans, which are safe, painless and non-invasive scans that tell us exactly what’s going on in their nervous system. Then we’ll schedule your next visit. Plan on about an hour for this visit.

At your next appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Lauren and she’ll go over your child’s scans in depth so you can see exactly what’s going on with their nervous system and how it’s contributing to their challenges. She’ll lay out her recommendations for care, including the frequency of visits and costs involved. We have several affordable care plans to ensure you get the care you need. If you’re ready to continue, we’ll do the first adjustment at this visit. This second visit is about 30-45 minutes, and ongoing visits are about 5-10 minutes.

Every twelfth visit is a progress exam, where we do a rescan so you can see objectively how the nervous system is responding to care. You will get a full report on how you child is adapting to the adjustments and how well they are improving.

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