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Fertility Care At Sprouting Life Chiropractic

Since your nervous system controls everything in your body, optimizing your nervous system function by reducingIMG_0141 accumulated stress can help everything in your body work better—including your reproductive system. Female bodies were designed to be able to get pregnant, hold a pregnancy and deliver a healthy, full-term baby. Chiropractic care, coupled with nutrition, can often restore proper nervous system function, which may allow you to have the family you’ve always wanted.

Our Approach

At Sprouting Life Chiropractic, our goal is to restore baseline health in both partners. We often see couples who have tried everything and who still can’t get pregnant, or who get pregnant and then miscarry. Of those who have gone to fertility clinics, the men often tell us they “passed” the semen test—but in order to pass that test, they only need a score of 14%. In school, 14% is failing.

It’s important to optimize function in both partners, because it takes two healthy partners to create a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Dr. Lauren is certified in the Schaefer Protocol, a 120 day protocol to assist with fertility. When combined with INSiGHT® scans and safe, gentle chiropractic care that restores proper nerve function, we help both partners restore proper foundational health.

When Should I Start?IMG_0243

Of course, many people come to us after they’ve tried “everything else,” and that’s okay—we want to help everyone! But we’d also love to save you years of heartache and expense, so we encourage anyone who is thinking about getting pregnant to come to us first. We can help get your health to its highest level before you “start trying” so your body is ready to conceive easily and hold a pregnancy.

Our program is 120 days, which is the life cycle of an egg, and we work with eight principles that will help create the best health for both mom and dad.


When needed, we will refer out for blood work, but that is not something that is typically necessary.

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