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Wellness Care At Sprouting Life Chiropractic

Most patients, whether pediatric or adult, begin care at Sprouting Life Chiropractic when something is wrong and they want help correcting it. We call this restorative care because our goal is to restore proper function to your nervous system so you can get back to optimal health. Once we’ve gotten you to this point, we want to keep your nervous system working as it should. We call this type of care wellness care, and it’s about living your best life.

What Are Some Benefits?

Our nervous systems are designed to adapt to and deal with everyday stress. When your nervous system is functioning as it should, you can cope with what life throws at you. But eventually, stresses can build up, derailing your ability to adapt.

With wellness care, we keep stress from building up to that point, so when everything goes wrong at work, you don’t have to come home and rage-clean or lose your patience with your kids. Instead, when everything goes wrong at work, you still come home and live your best life.

Living Up to Your Potential

We can’t achieve our true potential if our bodies are just barely making it through the day. We need a healthy functioning nervous system to have the energy to do the things that make life a life and not just a routine of work, rinse, repeat.

IMG_0390How Often Do I Need to Come in?

Dr. Lauren checks every member of her family once a week, and she wouldn’t recommend anything less for your family. With regular wellness care, we can help your body deal with stress appropriately, without holding onto it. And without accumulated stress interfering with your nervous system function, your whole body can work better.

We remind our patients that world-class athletes still practice every day—they’re always striving to improve. That’s what we want for you with wellness care—to always get better and better.

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